Terms and Conditions of Business

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Payment Terms

  1. All services provided by the Vet Clinic @ Birmingham Dogs Home are chargeable and are payable by the owner of the animal (except where made explicit as part of Birmingham Dogs Home’s Rehoming Policy).
  2. All charges are payable at the time of service i.e. at the time of consultation; collection of your animal post procedure; collection of medication/ food/ other merchandise. We do not provide an account service.
  3. Where there are estimated fees greater than £500, a deposit of half the estimate is payable prior to the services and treatments being provided.
  4. On request, we will supply a detailed invoice with each transaction, which we will email to you or print if preferred.
  5. We are a cashless practice and can take payment by credit/ debit cards, bank transfer.
  6. Unpaid charges over 30 days old will be transferred to our debt collectors with additional handling, administration and collection fees being added to this (including solicitor and court fees).


The veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses are happy to provide you with a detailed estimate of costs prior to any diagnostic tests, surgical procedures or other treatments. We endeavour to produce accurate estimates, however sometimes this can be challenging due to the complex nature of some procedures and treatments. Where it appears that an estimate may be exceeded, we will attempt to contact you on the numbers provided beforehand. It is therefore important that you are contactable at all times whilst your pet is with us.

In emergency circumstances or circumstances where we are unable to reach you the veterinary surgeon will do what in their opinion is in the best welfare interests of your pet and there may be additional fees incurred, including transportation to another veterinary facility or out of hours veterinary care provider. Thus we cannot guarantee that costs will not exceed the estimate.

Registration and Re-registration Fees

The Vet Clinic @ Birmingham Dogs Home does not charge a registration fee when clients first register a pet.

We do charge a re-registration fee of £50 if a client has registered their pet at another veterinary practice within an hour’s drive of us, whilst either still registered with us or then returns to our care. This re-registration fee is to cover the administration costs of re-registering the pet and/or having to gain clinical history from the other veterinary practice. We do not recommend registration at more than one veterinary practice at a time, as this makes continuity of care for your pet much harder.

Pet Insurance and Direct Insurance Claims

We strongly recommend you insure your pets against accidents and illness. If you have pet insurance cover it remains your responsibility to pay our fees in full. We do not accept direct insurance claims, so our fees must be paid in full before we will be able to process your insurance claim. We reserve the right to charge a small administration fee for processing insurance claim forms.

Only in exceptional circumstances may we agree to a claim directly from your insurance provider and this needs to be authorised and agreed by the Lead Vet in advance of any procedure or treatment being carried out. Proof of your insurance will be needed.

N.B. Any dispute regarding any aspect of your insurance cover is between you and your insurance provider and you will remain liable for any of our charges not covered by your insurance.

Repeat Prescriptions Policy

Our general prescription policy is that we will see patients that are on long term POM drugs (Prescription Only Medications) up to every 6 months (at the discretion of the vet). For flea and worming treatment to be prescribed we need to see patients annually (and this can be combined with the annual vaccination). Please allow at least 48 hours from contacting us for the medicine to be prescribed by a veterinary surgeon for you to collect. Please allow 3 days for a food order which may need to come from our supplier. Written prescriptions can be requested for prescription only medicines. These are charged at £17.60 for the first prescription and £15 per additional one requested at any one time.

Home Visits

We are unable to offer home visits. Please ask our receptionists for alternatives.

Travelling abroad – getting official paperwork

We offer a travel advice and document service at The Vet Clinic as there are members of the team who have undergone further training to become qualified Official Veterinarians (OV), meaning they are legally able to act on behalf of the government to provide certification for your pet to travel.

Normally for your pet to travel to the EU with you they will require:

  • A functioning microchip (please make sure you keep your details on the microchip register up to date)
  • A rabies vaccination at least 21 days before travel
  • An Animal Health Certificate (AHC) issued less than 10 days prior to the date of travel
  • For some countries you will be required to have a tapeworm treatment prescribed and administered or witnessed by an OV more than 24 hours but less than 120 hours before travelling (for most EU countries you will require this before re-entry into the UK too), an OV will need to sign a section on the AHC to certify this

We ask that you notify us at least 4 weeks before your date of travel to allow enough time to prepare your pet’s AHC due to the amount of paperwork involved. We will provide you with a ‘travel questionnaire’ to be completed and returned no less than 3 weeks before your date of travel; the information you provide on these will be used to complete the AHC so it is important and your responsibility to ensure that all details given are correct.

In some exceptional circumstances, we may be able to provide an AHC at shorter notice but this is not a guaranteed service and it will incur an additional fee. There is an initial cost for an AHC for the first animal, additional animals travelling together on the same AHC are charged at a reduced rate; up to 5 animals can travel together on one AHC (dogs, cats and ferrets).

For your pet to travel to a non-EU country or If your pet is not travelling within 5 days of your travel to the EU or travelling to the EU for a commercial reason (i.e. travelling to be sold), you will likely require an Export Health Certificate (EHC).


It is your responsibility to make the initial request for an application form for an EHC, this can be done at gov.uk , and to contact the competent authority of the importing country to check for import requirements and request an import permit if needed.

Your destination will determine the pre-travel requirements; some destinations or some carriers will require a ‘fit to travel’ certificate, we can provide this after completing a satisfactory physical examination.

More about travelling abroad here.

Ownership of Records

Clinical case records including diagnostic images and similar records, are the property of The Vet Clinic @ Birmingham Dogs Home and will be retained by them. On request we are happy to provide copies of these records including the patient’s clinical history to another veterinary surgeon undertaking care for the patient concerned. The GDPR legislation gives individuals the right to access their personal data and we are happy to declare what personal information we hold on request. To clarify, the GDPR relates to personal data – data about an individual person. Information about an animal is not personal data and is outside the scope of the GDPR.

Customer Feedback

We are committed to providing excellent service to our clients. When something goes wrong, we appreciate feedback so that we can use it to improve our service and standards.

We would always prefer to resolve complaints informally by you speaking directly to the practice in the first instance to discuss any concerns or suggestions.

If informal feedback does not help us reach a resolution, then you may use the formal process as outlined below.

Complaints Policy

The full Complaints Policy can be found under out Complaints Policy or requested by emailing info@bdhvetclinic.org.uk or phoning 0121 643 4324

Data Protection Policy and Privacy Statement

These can be found under our Privacy Policy or requested by emailing info@bdhvetclinic.org.uk or phoning 0121 643 4324. Our privacy statement is supplied as part of our Welcome Pack too.

Alterations to these terms & conditions of business

Birmingham Dogs Home (BDH) may from time to time alter these terms of business. No person working for or employed by BDH has authority to change these without permission of the charity’s CEO or Board of Trustees.