Registering your pet with us


Who can register

The Vet Clinic @ Birmingham Dogs Home provides veterinary care for cats, rabbits, dogs and other common pet species. The owner of the animal will need to register directly with us.

We recommend that all owners consider how near they live to our clinic before registering with us. It is important that in an emergency for your pet, you could travel to us (or our Out of Hours Provider) within a reasonable time. 

We recommend that pets are only registered at one practice  at any one time to ensure safe and effective veterinary care can be provided to your pet.

How to register

We will need to take details of the pet owner, including full name, address, phone number, email address. We will also need the name of the pet being registered, their details (species, breed, age, gender, neuter status) and which veterinary practice they are currently registered with. 
We will need to see some form of photo ID when you first register (such as a passport or driving licence)

We will then need to contact the veterinary practice the pet is currently registered with and inform them that the animal’s registration is being swapped to our vet clinic and request they send through the pet’s full clinical history to us. This is a requirement of all veterinary practices taking on a new patient and is a standard procedure between veterinary practices. This ensures the best possible handover and continuity of care for your pet.

As we register a pet, we will also supply the owner with our privacy statement and ensure we have agreed how and when we contact them, so we meet our GDPR responsibilities.