We get it…. none of us pet carers want to think about that last goodbye ahead of time. However, we find it important that you know Dignipets exists as a veterinary hospice service in your area.   

For whatever reason; circumstances can make it too stressful to make the journey to a veterinary clinic with your pet. Dignipets is a mobile veterinary practice offering in-home euthanasia and hospice consultations for pets in the Midlands. Our team of mobile vets are available 7 days of the week to come to your home for a peaceful passing for your pet. 

Please call us on 0333 320 8731 or email enquiries@dignipets.co.uk for more information. There is also a lot of information on our website www.dignipets.co.uk 

Register your pet

To see your pet we need to register them first. This ensures we have all the information we need to ensure a smooth transition to them being under our care.