Our Pet Health Care Plan

Now available

Here at The Vet Clinic @ Birmingham Dogs Home we are committed to providing the highest levels of compassionate health care for all our clients, both pets and owners. This is why we have created a Pet Health Care Plan to offer peace of mind for you and your beloved pets.

Our Pet Health Care Plan includes regular preventive health care for both cats and dogs, including vaccinations, flea and worm treatments and regular health checks, as well as some extra help if illness or injury occurs and more veterinary support is needed.

With the benefit of spreading monthly payments across the year you will also have the comfort of knowing you have planned ahead, and that your furry family’s regular health care is covered.

Our Pet Health Care Plan benefits

Preventive health care

  • Core annual vaccinations with a full vet health check
  • Two nurse health checks, with flexibility to be used when needed (excludes in-depth, behaviour clinic, nurse appointments)
  • Year-round appropriate, effective parasite control delivered to your home
  • Microchipping if needed

Veterinary care support

  • 10% off all consultations (referral and out of hours costs not included)
  • 10% off all diagnostic tests and procedures (including surgical procedures and neutering)
  • 10% off all medications (pet foods and pet accessories not included).

Annual Savings and monthly fees

Your Pet (adult weight)Fees per monthAnnual saving on preventive health care
Dog – Small up to 7.5kg£19.50£136.46
Dog – Medium 7.6 – 15kg£21.50£141.74
Dog – Large 15.1 – 30kg£24.50£187.10
Dog – X-large 30.1 – 60Kg£26.00£217.22

You will also benefit from further savings if your pet needed additional support for illness or injury, as detailed above.

It’s simple to get started.  You can sign up today using QR code or sign up button or if you would like to chat to one of our friendly team, please contact us on 0121 643 4324 or email info@bdhvetclinic.org.uk.

If you have any queries, please contact us on 0121 643 4324.

  • The contract is for a minimum of 12 months with an additional one-off set-up fee of £10 payable with the first monthly direct debit.
  • The plan will automatically renew annually and will start a new 12-month contract period.
  • The plan can be cancelled at any time, however there may be a balance for products received to be paid (i.e. if you have received products to a greater value at time of cancellation compare than the direct debit payments made in that contractual period).
  • The health care plan does not replace pet insurance, which we recommend every pet owner should have in place.
  • Pet foods and accessories are not included in the discounted prices.
  • Referral costs not included in discounted prices (the referral practices set their own prices).
  • Out of hours provider costs are not included.
  • In-depth behaviour nurse clinics not included in free nurse health check, but do qualify for the 10% consultation discount.
  •  If your pet is under 9 months of age then 3 monthly home delivery of parasite control is not available. This is due to their weight changing and potentially effecting the dose of parasite control they need each month (unless your pet is still growing significantly)