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Meet O’Malley, our incredible Malinois who’s looking for a loving and capable home! This handsome boy has had a bit of a tough start in life, but we’re certain that he will make an amazing addition to the right home – he just needs someone who’s willing to give him the time and understanding he needs.

O’Malley arrived into our care as a stray after being found tied up outside the centre, and despite his rocky start, he’s still a very friendly and loving dog, who does enjoy fuss and cuddles once a bond has been established. He just needs an owner that can offer time and patience for O’Malley to come out of his shell. O’Malley is nervous and very under-socialised especially around new people in particular, so his future home will need to be patient and understanding as he adjusts to a new environment and learns to trust again.

He’s super smart and eager to learn, and while he’s not the fastest learner, he’s definitely willing to put in the work! So if you’re someone who’s willing to commit to his training, then O’Malley will make a truly loyal and devoted companion.

It’s essential that O’Malley is placed with someone who is active and experienced with dogs. Whilst also willing to give him the training and support he needs. O’Malley does thrive on routine, as he is a large dog with lots of energy and does need consistency in his day-to-day life. He can be known to startle quite easily on walks, so his future home will also need to be patient and understanding as he adjusts to a new environment and learns to trust new people. But he’s such a sweet and intelligent dog, and we know he’ll make a fantastic companion to the right person.

In our care, we have successfully Halti trained him for walks, but we do feel it’s essential to continue his training in his new home. O’Malley has also received muzzle training which is used for both introductions to people as well as vet visits, as he can be fear reactive.

O’Malley has received lots of vet socialisation over a few months, in our care to build up his confidence, and has come a long way since his arrival. However he is still be a bit wary of new people, at least at first, because of this he does wear his muzzle during vet visits as a precaution.

**Any potential owners will be shown and given information regarding O’Malley’s training. **

If you are interested in adopting O'Malley, please fill in an enquiry form below. You will then receive a questionnaire to complete. If your application is successful, we will then contact you regarding the next steps

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