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Meet Enzo, a striking 4-year-old black shepherd, despite his undeniable charm and intelligence, Enzo has faced challenges finding his forever home.

Enzo’s journey hasn’t been easy. He’s spent quite some time at our center, patiently waiting for the right home with someone who will understand him. Enzo is looking for an experienced home, preferably with owners who have had working shepherds before. Enzo does have a past bite history, that can be discussed with potential adopters further, because of this he will need to wear his muzzle when out in public areas and must be rehomed to an adult-only home.

Enzo can be initially reactive to new people, but once a bond has been established, he is a calm and loyal dog. He has previously exhibited protective behaviors towards his owners in a home environment, and while this behavior hasn’t been observed in our care, it’s a trait that adopters do need to be aware of and can further provide understanding and patience. Enzo needs a home where his owners are willing to help him with further socialization and provide a safe environment for him to thrive.

On walks, Enzo tends to pull forward initially but walks well after some off-lead exercise to burn off his energy. He’s a very intelligent and obedient boy, knowing all his basic commands and responding well to recall. Enzo loves to play fetch and enjoys a variety of toys, although tug-of-war is a behavior, we have discouraged due to unwanted behaviors it may trigger. Enzo’s favorite game though is tracking games, this entails making him sit and wait whilst his carers hide one of his toys or a ball. He is then told to ‘Go Find’ and he will search for the hidden item.

Enzo’s ideal home would be one where he can be the only pet, as he can be vocal and reactive towards other dogs, especially on lead. Enzo does also struggle with separation anxiety and can become grabby or mouthy when he’s worried. However, with the right guidance and training, he can learn coping mechanisms to feel more secure when left alone.

We’re looking for adopters who are experienced and knowledgeable, confident in handling Enzo’s behavior issues, and committed to his ongoing training and well-being.

If you are interested in adopting Enzo, please fill in an enquiry form below. You will then receive a questionnaire to complete. If your application is successful, we will then contact you regarding the next steps

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