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Meet Darla, a spirited 1 year old crossbreed in search of her forever home. This lively pup is looking for experienced and patient owners who can provide her with the love and guidance she needs to thrive.

Darla is a charming crossbreed, who is full of life, she has a playful nature, especially when it comes to her favourite toys.

Darla would thrive in a home without other dogs and with children aged 13 and above due to her boisterous nature. She needs owners who are experienced with energetic dogs and can guide her through basic manners training. Darla is currently working on her leash skills with a Halti and harness, showing her commitment to ongoing training.

It’s important to note that Darla can be a bit sensitive about having her mouth touched. She is also under-socialized, especially in vet settings, and may experience panic when restrained. Therefore, Darla’s new family should be patient and committed to further training and socialization to help her become more comfortable in various situations.

Darla is an independent spirit, but her sweetness shines through. She enjoys moments of solitude but equally appreciates quality time with her human companions. Her love for toys and her playful demeanour make her a delightful addition to any home. Darla has shown that she would clear a 6ft fence, so will be looking for a home, with a fence that is 7ft+.

If you have experience with boisterous dogs, the patience to continue Darla’s training, and the love to give, she could be the perfect match for you.

If you are interested in adopting Darla, please fill in an enquiry form below. You will then receive a questionnaire to complete. If your application is successful, we will then contact you regarding the next steps

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