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Meet Ash a 5-year-old Pressa Canario cross who is looking for a forever home to call his own. Ash is a gentle giant with a loving nature. His 43kg frame might seem intimidating, but underneath lies a lovely boy who loves human attention and fuss.In our care Ash has been trained with a halti to make walks more manageable for his strong build. This not only ensures a pleasant walking experience for the adopters but also allows Ash to enjoy his outdoor adventures. He has also learned to swap toys for treats. Ash is best suited for a home with children aged 12 and older, provided they are dog-savvy. His playful nature may be too much for younger kids. Ash is also looking for a home where he can be the only dog as he can be vocal, although he can easily ignore them if instructed to do so. Proper introductions and supervision with other dogs are key. Ash has previously been known to get over-aroused during play, but with a little guidance, he enjoys engaging in constructive and calm play.
A quick sit and wait” followed by a reward whether it be a thrown toy or a treat it keep the playtime enjoyable for everyone involved. We are looking for a loving and committed family who can appreciate Ash’s sweet nature and provide him with the care and attention he deserves. A family that can continue his train and playtime and give him the love he craves would be ideal.”

If you are interested in adopting Ash, please fill in an enquiry form below. You will then receive a questionnaire to complete. If your application is successful, we will then contact you regarding the next steps

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