Complaints Policy

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We are committed to providing excellent service to our clients. When something goes wrong, we appreciate feedback so that we can use it to improve our service and standards.

We would always prefer to resolve complaints informally by speaking directly to a member of the practice team who will pass on your details to the Practice Manager or Lead Veterinary Surgeon in the first instance and they will arrange to discuss the matter with you either over the phone or in person. However, if this does not help us reach a resolution then the formal process can be followed as outlined below.

Stage 1

  • Formal Complaints can be raised directly with the practice by you (the complainant) or on your behalf within three months of the complaint event or as soon as this matter first came to your attention. Formal complaints should be may in writing via email or a letter address to the Lead Veterinary Surgeon or Practice Manager. Emails can be sent to or letters to The Vet Clinic @ Birmingham Dogs Home, Catherine de Barnes Lane, Catherine de Barnes, Solihull, B92 0DJ.
  • We will aim to acknowledge receipt of the complaint within two working days of receipt of it. This acknowledgment will be via emailing the complainant (unless this is not possible – when phoning may be used instead).
  • We will arrange to talk to you directly about the complaint, if you wish, to help understand your concerns and we will do further investigations of the situation.
  • A full written response will be sent via email and recorded letter within 20 working days of receipt of the complaint or
  • A holding letter will be sent every 20 working days until the final response, if more time is required.
  • Please expect to wait up to 20 working days for an outcome response. This is to allow time for a full and detailed investigation of your complaint.
  • This response will be from either the Lead Veterinary Surgeon or Practice Manager as is deemed appropriate.

Stage 2 – if you (the Complainant) is not satisfied with the outcome of Stage 1

  • A further written complaint needs to be received within three months of final response to Stage 1 via email or letter. This must clearly state the reasons you are not satisfied with the outcome of Stage 1.
  • We will aim to acknowledge receipt of the complaint within two working days of receipt of it by email or phone.
  • The complaint will be passed to the Veterinary Sub-Committee of the Birmingham Dogs Home Trustees for investigation
  • A full written response from the Chief Executive Officer of Birmingham Dogs Home will be written and sent within 20 working days (via email and post) or
  • A holding letter will be sent, at least every 20 working days, until the final response is sent.

Stage 3 – If the Complainant/ practice are still not in agreement

  • A Veterinary Client Mediation Service (External service) will be used.
  • We recommend that Stage 3 is only pursued after Stage 1 and 2 processes have been completed.
  • Details for this are

Veterinary Client Mediation Service

6 Market Square

Bishop’s Stortford


CM23 3UZ

T: 0345 040 5834

The online VCMS submission form can be found at: